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What should I look for when hiring a low voltage contractor?

A competent low voltage contractor is fully insured with an updated electrical license and permit. A qualified contractor should also be able to provide references and written estimates.

Is Vigilant Technology licensed & insured?

Yes, Vigilant Technology is a fully insured licensed unrestricted low voltage contractor in the state of Georgia.

What is the difference between the surveillance cameras that Vigilant Technology installs and those I can purchase myself at a local big box store or online?”

Vigilant Technology custom designs every system to fit the challenging needs of your home or business. This most often requires the use of different types of cameras. When you purchase a kit from a big box store or online you will typically get the same cameras that may not work well for every location.

What is structured wiring?

Structured wiring refers to the network of wiring that connects your entertainment, telephone, and security signals.

Will Vigilant Technology install the camera system I purchased at a local big box store or online?

No. Vigilant Technology does not install customer purchased surveillance cameras. Vigilant Technology fully supports the equipment it provides and installs. Supporting every different type of surveillance system would be too complex and result in poor customer service.